Monday, May 11, 2009

Quirky habits

Today I had an epiphany about myself. I'm weird about food. Always have been. I don't like meat. I like plain foods and will only eat salad if it has minimal or no dressing on it. I love lentils cooked with garlic, salt, some spices and served with plain rice and veges. Parfait! Plain potatoe, grilled fish and plain salad - parfait! Maybe its because my Mum cooked like this. I don't know. We never ate super rich foods, and to this day I can't stomach anything fried, and nothing too rich.

I'm embarrassed to explain some of the weird things I do. I like icing on cake, but dislike cake - so I often eat the icing, leave the cake for my husband. I like american scones, but only if its crunchy on the outside. If the inside is soft, I'll ditch it and just eat the outside. I only ever eat the top of a muffin. I love the icing on a donut - but am not crazy about the donut itself. 9/10 times I'll just eat the top part. I love to pick nuts and chocolate out of cookies. I'm big on texture - and love anything crunchy. I love cold pizza - but dislike hot pizza as its soft and gewy. I love it when cheese is slightly burned and is crispy on my pasta. I love cashews that have been overly roasted. I can't get a taste for refried mexican beans, but am all over a grilled chicken taco.

See. Weird. And today I realized its all about texture.

I don't like admitting that I'm fussy. But truth is that if I eat creamy pasta, I'll get stomach pains. If I eat anything fried I'll feel unwell. I have a friend who feels sick when she eats veges. I couldn't understand it then, but as I take a look at my own weird eating habits - I guess I do understand it. I was allergic to a lot of foods as a kid. Everything gave me asthma. If I'm at a friend's house eating, thats another story - you go with the flow.


Its Just Me - Daring to Dream said...

I am funny about food too. I only like fish and chicken, but I hate beef. I love cumin on salads and foods. I like muffin tops too, but I dont like icing (too sweet),but I love cake (lemon, carrot, pound cake). I can eat cereal 3 times a day...I love cereal and milk, its my instant comfort food :))

Technodoll said...

Wow you are lucky to be able to enjoy plain, healthy and simple food - it's the best thing for your health actually.

I wish I didn't like fried foods so much, ugh.

Textures? You betcha - have NEVER been able to eat any berries as they feel like sand. Same with pears, figs, kiwis. Love the taste but the gritty bits make me cringe like nails on a blackboard.

So annoying, LOL!

Anonymous said...

haha when you compound your eating habits and preferences like that it does sound a little strange! :) But without the quirks what do you have? We love you for it!

Love Miss R (who is extremely excited about seeing you in TWO days!)