Friday, May 29, 2009

The Accountant

The phone rang. I had it nestled between my ear and my shoulder. After saying a formal greeting to my client, proceeded to drop the phone and banana, which was in my other hand, in a rather extravagant and timely fashion. I usually don't believe in the 5 second rule, but for the sake of my hungry stomach I ignored the rule and ate the banana.

Its Friday. Which I'm really thankful for. I've been almost falling asleep at work, which isn't something I'd usually do.

My husband and I have decided to do our budgeting a little differently. I'm going to have a personal budget to work with. I don't work so well with massive credit cards. I used to have a credit card of $500. When it was maxed out, it was time to get it back down again. I don't spend extraordinary amounts, but more than I would like to. There. I said it. I'd like to really crack down and save for things that are more important to me. Like seeing the world, even on my measly 2 weeks vacation per year. Hopefully that changes sometime soon. I am itching to get to China and South America and experience a different culture other than the western one. It seems smart to visit South America while we are living so close. To travel around South America from Australia takes a big big chunk of change. I think when I go shopping I'm still very much "The Accountant". I never buy anything "cheap" or anything at full price, rather something that is well made and highly discounted. But sometimes I look at it all and think "why?" - I'd love to do a big purge someday and live off the basics. I will probably never have the heart to do that, but am trying to put a stop to spending overall. It seems so pointless and meaningless. I'm not a "things" person. We live in a humble but cute apartment with the basics - almost all of our furniture, apart from a few Ikea pieces were all given to us. I could leave it behind in a jiffy with no pangs of distress. My wardrobe on the other hand... I'd probably box it up and ship it to my Mum for safekeeping:)

So its 10am and my cup of tea is brewing. I'm really looking forward to the weekend. Tonight a friend and I are going for a walk straight after work. Then I think catching up with my aussie mate for a cup of tea and a chin-wag.


Technodoll said...

Tea, yes!

Possessions... well only if they help make your house a home you love to be in :-)

Its Just Me - Daring to Dream said...

Catching up with friends is always a great past-time. I am not a fan of an any-second rule, but I am just obsessive that way (afraid of germs)...And as for budgeting..I'm right there with ya! Enjoy your weekend!

Frank said...

I want to travel too, although for now I'd prefer to stay within the confines of western culture...China intimidates me :)