Friday, June 28, 2013

Heading back to SoCal...

To say I haven't blogged in a while is an understatement...

Lets put it down to "moving country" or "adapting". Yes, its taken us well over a year to adapt to our new life as a couple in Australia. For me, this feels like home again. It took about a year to have that feeling. I still get moments where excitement creeps in I think "I can't believe I'm home". I love living in Australia, and feel a deep sense of belonging and happiness here.

Only in the last 6 months has my husband settled in more. He will never be Australian, but he is getting there. He still has times where he misses home, but they are less frequent. Tonight he really wanted to go out for a good beer, but craft beer bars are a bit of a rarity in Sydney. They don't frequent every suburb as they do in Southern California. Our friends here are busier with work and life compared to our SoCal friends. Still, I tell him we're lucky to have to many friends, especially seeing we have only been back for 1.5 years.

We're headed back to America in November for a few weeks. One of my closest friends is getting hitched and I'm going to bridesmaid it up. She's a dear friend with a big personality. I love her to bits, and am very excited to have the opportunity to support her and party with her on the big day.

I'm a little nervous about meeting up with family in America. There is always pressure and my tolerance for it has decreased over the years. I hate confrontation and tend to switch on my "ignore" button.

I do plan on stocking up my wardrobe. I have been so careful about not spending the last year or so. I've bought small things here and there. I do really miss shopping in America. Maybe I sound like a princess - but whatever - there's worse vices.

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Frank said...

Welcome back from the (blogging) dead!