Thursday, December 1, 2011

The home stretch

In three weeks time I'll be on the plane to go home. I can't explain the amount of excitement and anticipation I'm feeling. I'm wondering what it will feel like to wake up and be home, day in and day out and not for a couple of weeks, but for good, knowing I don't have to leave home anytime soon. It feels like a big gift I'm being given.

In the last five years I've gone home 3 times. The first 2 times were within the first year of living in America. The 3rd time was almost 3 years ago. Had I visited more, maybe my feelings would have been different. We had always planned to move back, so didn't see the point in making too many visits. A 2 year stint in America quickly turned into 5. Time sure flies.

I have a couple of regrets, but all in all I'm happy for this experience. You live and you learn. There are some things I'd do differently. But we can't change the past, only learn from mistakes.

I wonder if it will feel strange to feel at home again. I'm trying to imagine what it will be like to wake up and know I'm back in my homeland. I wonder what it will feel like to be surrounded by Australians, to sound the same as everyone else. Well, almost. There's no hiding the hint of American twang happening these days. The last year my accent has changed just a little. Sometimes I catch myself pronouncing a sharp R in my words. Two weeks of home and that will disappear.

For now, I'm liking a pair of D&G sunglasses. The code is DG4035 if you're interested in looking them up. I tried them on in black and they were amazing. Very Hollywood. I love some glamour;)

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Anonymous said...

I can see you lying on Bondi beach wearing those sunnies and your swimsuit! Can't wait to hear your voice over the phone, you in NSW, me in Qld. :)