Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Three months but whose counting

I have decided to work right up until we leave. Until December 16th. I figure I might as well work as much as possible here since I have a well paying job here in the States, and I don’t know when I’ll find a job that’s a keeper in Australia. I’m planning on taking a three month break when we get to Sydney. We’ll see how that goes. Yesterday I got all practical and was looking up jobs already. I’m worried I’ll look at jobs when we get there and find something I like, and will want to take it. I’m not a workaholic, but I’m a wannabe slacker who never delivers. I get all practical and think about finances. I could never be “looked after”. The other day my MIL said to me “I can’t work because it takes over my life and I can’t keep a balance”. I thought it was a cop-out. My inlaws are staying with people at the moment because they have no money and my MIL refuses to work. I told her that sometimes it’s a necessity to work and its important to pay the bills and compartmentalize our focus and time. Work is work, but in your lunchbreak and home time – that’s your time that your boss will not pay you for! Its hard to find balance sometimes, especially if you work full time, but a necessity. Who wants to get to 80 years old and realize they spent their life dedicated to “the man”? Lately I have been worried about my inlaws and how they’ll cope as they get older. They are good and kind people people. My mil is a good woman, but feels that she should be looked after and catered to by her husband and sons. I have a hard time with that. I believe that women too have a responsibility to help the family financially. I’d love to sit back and relax too and not have to worry about making a living – but it’s a part of life these days, unless we have a very wealthy husband! Thoughts?

Anyway, we are starting to pack up our apartment. We’ve slowly been getting rid of things. I’m looking forward to having less “stuff” and taking more of a minimalistic approach to living. Moving is a good time to start afresh. Daniel and I both have goals we’re looking forward to working towards finally.

To be honest, I’m most excited about seeing Australia through more appreciative eyes. I will appreciate feeling at home more than ever I suspect.

For now its about America. I can’t believe we’re only here three more months. People are asking me if I’m sad to leave America. I wish I felt a twinge of sadness, but I don’t. I’ve been ready to go for a couple of years. I only feel happiness, excitement and anticipation. Three months can’t come around quickly enough. I feel bad that I don’t feel a sense of loss. I know there will be no tears on my part. I love the friends I have made here but don’t like the area we live in. I wonder if I would have enjoyed this five year experience more if we’d lived in another part of America.

This week we’re telling the parents we have booked our tickets. We booked our tickets a couple of months ago but have been holding off telling them. Hopefully it will be without too much drama. I doubt it though.


Anonymous said...

Um... I'm counting!! :)

Unfortunately life does involve working and providing, no matter what role you play in your household. But oh yes, a wealthy benefactor is a fantasy of mine for sure!

Anonymous said...

I hear you on the parental tip. My parents have both passed, and my Hubby's dad has too. But I often worried about her not working in her elder life and requiring us to care for her. But I am so excited to hear that you are staying until December (keep blogging)! I am so excited for you - not because you are leaving the States, but because you are so excited and life is so much more fun to live when you have something to look forward to!