Thursday, April 15, 2010

In a Moment

Last night I was sitting home, reading some things my Australian friends had said about me just before my wedding. Things that made me smile and miss them very much. I was thinking about how I miss my close-close friends.

Today my friend Maureen visited me at work to drop off a present from a close friend in New York (my sweet Aussie friend Anna). The present meant more than words can... Maureen and Anna had chosen the gift together. I absolutely love the gift, it fits perfectly. Its a little dress from Anthropologie - and is very cute. Exciting huh?! I'm mostly touched by all the thought that went into that. I took a walk to Starbucks and couldn't stop thinking about it, I huge smile on my face. I felt pretty lucky. It made my californian day.

I discovered Ben & Jerry's the other day. I had it for the first time ever! (I know... I've been living in the US for 3 years, and **just** had Ben & Jerry's...?!!). I was holding off, knowing it would be addictive, not sure of the effect discovering it would have. I had the "Everything but the kitchen sink" tub, and yes - I demolished *almost* the whole tub. It was insane good. Crazy good. Wanting-to-scream it was so good. While this is a great discovery, it also poses a lot of problems. Next time I'm upset... guess what I'll grab! My friend Ciara tells me when she's upset she'll go to the store, buy a tub of Ben & Jerry's and eat the tub. I suggested we call each other up to share that tub. **

** For the Australian readers, please note, a tub of Ben & Jerry's isn't all that huge. Not like a 2L tub of icecream. A side note, you should come to America, not just to see me, but to have every flavour of Ben & Jerry's until find your holy grail tub.


rinsky28 said...

I recall one instance of eating Malteser icecream from the tub, twin spoons in the carton. What a marvellous thing. :)

Tea Lady said...

Rinsk, I wish I could remember that!!! Thank goodness for your fabulous memory (and your diaries!)

rinsky28 said...

Two words - McCloys farm!! :)

Miss Crusoe said...

I just noticed a grocer in Summer Hill stocks ben and jerry's...maybe I should stop by on the way home this evening and have a spoonful (leaving the rest for my parents and sister - who currently could put away several tubs without making a dent in her lovely svelte figure!) and allow B&J's to transport me to Carlsbad...I've got my ray I could make a significant attempt to californiaised;)