Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Faves

Band: Wilco. How had I never heard of these guys before???!!! I was recently introduced to them by a friend. Loving them!

Flax oatmeal (porridge) with peanut butter. The peanut butter melts into the oatmal. Unbelievable.

Trader Joe's. Ok. I've known about Trader Joe's for a while. But recently I've been getting more adventurous there. Everything at Trader's is SO good! We tried some chocolate covered pomegranate seeds the other day (with icecream) and it was heaven in a bowl.

Curbing my sugar addiction (which is out of control!) For the last month I've been snacking on apples, crackers. Cutting out all processed foods. Nothing with High Fructose Corn Syrup. No fun sweet snacks or chips etc. Eating complex carbohydrates, fresh and whole foods. I'm feeling 10 x better. I haven't felt sluggish in weeks. I've managed to survive my husband getting really sick with colds/flues (twice in 2 months) and not get sick. Motivation: feeling good. It might sound boring to skip normal pasta and go for organic rice bran pasta. Or skip cheetos and eat an apple with a little peanut butter. But wow I feel good. You are what you eat.

Anything military inspired (clothing). I love a tough/edgy look, although what I end up wearing always borders on the cute side (argh). I think it has something to do with being 5'4".

Wellington boots aka gumboots aka rain boots. I bought some quite a while back. While it doesn't rain much in Southern California, I get all excited when it does. I know I can splash about in the rain and not be worried about my precious shoes. Gum boots are a lot of fun. One day I'll have to wear them a lot in Sydney where we get torrential downpours in winter and just before summer (think tropical weather).


Dr Sub said...

If you want to avoid getting colds, drink more whiskey. Wilco are marvelous; Yankee Hotel Foxtrot ooh I say what a record. I met Jeff Tweedy at abbey Road studios once heh heh ;-)

Its Just Me - Daring to Dream said...

I've heard Wilco's music too - pretty cool. I love oatmeal but not with peanut butter and have yet to go into a Trader Joe's. But I heard I should. I'm with you on the curbing sugar - makes your gums healthier too! And funny - I am wearing an Army Camoflauge shirt right now!

Frank said...

I wish I could cut back on my sugar...I mean, I'm doing better at avoiding HFCS, but still...sugar is sugar.

Also, Trader Joe's is awesome. Do you have Whole Foods out there? That's also pretty sweet.

Tea Lady said...

Dr Sub: I'll keep that in mind re the whiskey. Although I'm not sure that Daniel will appreciate me drinking his special whiskey for medicinal purposes ;)

Daring to Dream: Trader Joe's is the best. I can't imagine not living close by to a Trader Joe's now!

Frank: Yeah, I like Whole Foods although find them somewhat expensive! (or maybe I'm just cheap)

rinsky28 said...

I LOVE Wilco too!!!! I'm going to see them next month. They would feature in my top two gigs ever!! They were wonderful! Can't wait to see them again!

Dr Sub - I'm insanely jealous about your meeting with Jeff Tweedy!!