Thursday, November 19, 2009

Granny Chic

Thursday morning. I’m not feeling so well and I’m not sure why. I feel like I’ve been fighting something for a couple of weeks. I’ve been getting “chills” and have horrendous allergies – which in themselves make me feel unwell. I often think I have a cold because allergies cause the following: headaches, fatigue, cough, constant sneezing etc. But last night I went to bed feeling nauseous, it woke me up in the night and I still felt sick with chills this morning. But no sore throat, no temperature. So I’m not really sure whats going on! I don’t think it warrants a doctors visit anyway.

So, I’m at work. Yesterday was fun. I’ve been playing a song on piano by Mendelssohn – the Venetian Boat Song. It’s a very romantic piece of music. When it comes to classical music I always favour the romantic melodies. I got to practice that for about an hour all up.

I just went to this danish bakery near my work. There were 3 old ladies all dressed up ordering their morning coffee and biscuits. I smiled to myself and thought about being their age someday. I hope to grow old with my husband and closest friends. It might sound weird but I am looking forward to being an old lady. No longer worrying about that extra biscuit I had with my cup of tea. Being a little more ballsy and not caring so much about what other people think. Wearing whatever I want, being as eccentric as possible. I plan on being very eccentric! I like being young of course and having a lot of energy – youth is wonderful. I’m not so sure about middle age – I’ve always thought a person is young until… they are old. Does that make sense? Eg. My husband’s parents. They’re stylish parents with a whole lot of energy and pizazz. They are in their 50’s/60’s. In my opinion they are still young. They love to go bikeriding, love to go for walks and are very active. To me that’s young. I think a person at 80 would look at 50 year olds and say “yeah, I was young and I didn’t even know it”.

So anyway, since I was feeling not so well, I thought I’d treat myself to a biscuit and coffee since I am at work - a bit of a "yay, you made it". A little stroll in the sun did the trick and lifted the spirits. They have these chocolate drop cookies I just love. It’s a small Danish butter biscuit with a big swirly dollop of icing on top. That paired with a cup of coffee – wonderful! It pretty much made my morning. Curiously, when I walked back up the stairs to my work it smelt like a wash room, you know, the delightful smell of fabric softener? Its one of my favourite smells. I love to walk by the wash room in our apartment complex at home.

I’m starting to feel pretty fit these days. I don’t look super fit, but I’m feeling it. Yesterday I went to the gym and did a run for 40 minutes and didn’t need to stop once. When I first started going to the gym I struggled to do a 10 minute run. I’m pretty pleased with this. Its my goal to work up to an hour. I don’t do a full on fast run, but it’s a run nonetheless. I’ve been going to the gym twice a week for months now. That along with a 30 minute walk a couple of times a week (which I've always done, for as long as I can remember). My Mum used to go for a 30 minute walk every evening and would drag me along. I'm grateful now for the routine of that.

Last night I woke my husband up because of sleep talking again. Then he woke me up to stop the talking.

End of random thoughts for today :) Hope you're having a swell day.


Technodoll said...

Did treating the chills with a warm beverage help? or was it the yummy cookie :)

My mom's soon 60 and I consider her still very young.

I guess it's all in the attitude, you know?

Miss Crusoe said...

a couple of comments actually:

Dad's 70 now and I'm only noticing bedause he's starting to get really cute! ie. idiosyncracies I once thought were embarrassing at 70 are cute!

The Venetian Gondolah reminds me of Sarah when she was learning piano...and, strangely enough, it also reminds me of a Venentian Gondolah - I think Mendelssohn encaptured it beautifully, I love the impressionists!

Frank said...

40 minutes of running? I'm impressed. These days that's about my limit...I just run enough so I can eat Mexican food three times a week and not gain weight...