Thursday, October 8, 2009

The first of many Wednesdays

Yesterday I had my first Wednesday off. I can’t believe I’ll be taking Wednesdays off every week! It seems to good to be true! It was such a nice feeling waking up, knowing I could do whatever I wanted. I had planned to go to the record store to check out some new music, listen to records I can’t afford to buy. Get a membership at our local library, and do a salsa class at the gym, and do some cleaning. I started off the morning with a bang by doing some reading over breakfast, then starting the housework. Housework ended up with me getting very into it and it turned out to be spring cleaning (although I know its fall here – my husband pointed that out to me). I decided I’m going to do the same thing next Wednesday. So my house will be in spit spot condition. I’m planning on buying a scrubbing brush and scrubbing those floors next week. Usually I use my foam mop, which I don’t believe cleans well enough. I also plan on going over all the skirting boards properly and cleaning my blinds (and getting a window cleaner in). Yesterday I did solid housework for 5 hours. What a workout! I was exhausted by the end of it. Today I feel such a sense of accomplishment. After next week I’ll keep Wednesday mornings to do my own thing and the afternoons can be set aside for cleaning.


Its Just Me - Daring to Dream said...

Oh congrats to you! First off to have Wednesdays off - how I would LOVE to have a day off during the week to decompress from work. But fat chance for me on this job. Anyway - about you! I TOO love cleaning. It is so theraputic for me. I am happy you enjoyed yourself but i do hope you get out more to do some of those things you enjoy. Happy Wednesday! So happy for you!

Anonymous said...

I too like to get my cleaning done on my day off rather than on the weekend - then you have this clean and tidy house in which to enjoy your time off!!! :) I'm so glad you're back to part-time!! It's so much more fulfilling to life if you have an extra day off isn't it?

Miss R.

enc said...

You're hired!

I love your reference to Mary Poppins. I hope you keep up with your Wednesday Wipe-downs. I bet it'll be really satisfying to keep your place squeaky clean.

Frank said...

At my job last summer I had Wednesdays off. I wouldn't let myself get out of bed until at least 10:30. It was wonderful...

Tea Lady said...

Thank you for the comments! I'm surprised my blog still gets checked... I'm so sporadic in posting lately!

Daring to Dream: yeah... its a good setup. I hope your work situation sorts itself out sooner rather than later.

Miss R: I know! I felt such a lack of... stress this weekend! Nice!

Enc: in the most delightful way!

Frank: I should try to do that one of these weeks. I can barely sit still for 5 minutes. I woke up at 6am last week because I was so excited to have a day to myself. I only can sleep in on the mornings I need to be at work! Murphy's Law. Go figure!!

Anonymous said...

I think your task for this coming Wednesday needs to be join the local library. Do it!! :)

Miss R.

Technodoll said...

wooo! i know exactly how you feel, except my cleanings stay clean for about an hour with 3 messy dogs here, LOL!

your work week must seem so short now :-D

i hope you take some time out for yourself once in a while. don,t forget YOU!